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There is two service which our cargo give to you as below.

1. International and Domestic Air Freight

International and Domestic Air FreightThis service will squire the goods from Bali to worldwide destination with the time which quickly and with the price very competitive. Our Cargo also provide door to door services to all our customers worldwide with fast service. In general we give a special offer service to our customers Japan in which delivery goods from Bali to All destination in Japan with service door to door or port to port (See the rate).

To calculate the cost of your shipment, you need the weight of your shipment rounded to the next half kg for large, bulky of light shipment. Use the following formula to calculate your volumetric weight in kg (L.cm X W.cm X H.cm : 6000). Example: If your shipment weight 6 kg and has dimensions of 50 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm. then the volumetric weight 50x40x30/6000 = 10 Kg

2. International and Domestic Sea Freight

There is two service model to use this shipment as below:

LCL ( Load Container Less)

International and Domestic Sea FreightIt means the goods delivery by using wooden box where formatting matching with size goods measure to safety. Making of wooden box can be done if us have known the type and material goods. Usually many people use this freight because that goods itís a personal important, present, sample for sale etc and not too much . LCL will be ridden away by container which is passing on CFS (Container Freight Station) later then will in arrive away to some port before to receiving on destination port. In here with the best rate we give the best service too for all destination worldwide.

FCL ( Full Container Load)

Its intention is goods delivery by using some type container owning certain size measure like 20 feet, 40 Feet and 40 HC, and each every container own the capacity which different each other. We give the service full for the delivery of your goods. For the detail of size measure and capacities please click here. There are some process that we do to your goods before ship it as below :

  1. Accept invoice from consumer goods
  2. Making Schedule and process Pick Up goods
  3. Step into the packing area with quality control
  4. Process the packing at one blow make the goods identity to entry packing list
  5. Process to step into the slot area to know the your goods volume, what have last for   capacities 20 feet, 40 Feet or 40 HC
  6. Ready for stuffing

3. Warehousing

WarehousingWe own the warehouse broadly about 15 acre from this place will be started process the packing goods handled with good skilled staff . We have some slot for the size measure of 20 feet, 40 feet and 40 HC so wont be worry that enable the customer to know the goods volume to step into the container. Goods security very we attention with protection insurance. We accepted for rent warehouse with competitive rate



  1. Standart Packing use the matterials single face or just carton box to protect against the incision or collision. Packing like this a lot of in using a type of furniture
  2. Special Packing use some supporter material of like single face, steryo foam, buble plastic and paper grass. This is usually used for the goods of fragile and handicraft
  3. Creating Packing by wooden use the wood material as the goods protector is usually used for the goods of fragile and heavy like handicraft stone.
    To see the model packing clik here

4. Transportation Service

Transportation ServiceGoods delivery move like personal effect, car. Motorbike, machine, goods of project from all destination Indonesia  to city wide in Indonesia by service is door to door and port of to port.

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